Best Kindle for Kids-Toddlers to Teens-Worth for All

Parents who wish to increase their child’s interest in reading must read this article to know why their kids should be gifted a Kindle in this festive season. They may find it difficult to choose the best Kindle for Kids as various factors are there which may confuse them. But, this post will clear all doubts and make them fall in love with reading again.

If you love reading and want your kids to learn reading, gift them a Kindle to read comics and other storybooks. Before that read here all benefits a kindle serves along with reviews of Amazon Kindles and various educational tablets alternatives.

Best Kindle for Kids to make them Book Lovers

Kindle which looks like a tablet is a registered brand of Amazon specially designed for reading only. Kindle was designed and marketed specifically as a platform for ebooks for book lovers. It will help your child to love reading.

Is Kindle and Tablet Same?

No Kindle is not a Tablet. Both look alike but are not the same.

Let’s discuss first, how a Kindle is different from a Tablet.

The basis of Difference Kindle Tablet
Purpose Reading Entertainment
No. of Functions Limited Many
Cost Cheap Comparatively  Costly
Dictionary Built in Need to download
Screen Glare Free Not so
Battery Life Long Comparatively very short

Why choose Kindle for Kids over Kids Tablets?

If given in early age with a good selection of eBooks, Kindle may change your child in Book Worm. You would find your children talking about stories, characters, and Authors. Basic Kindle allows only reading however, Kindle Fire has few more features which we will discuss later. Basic features which make the Kindle better than tablets are:

  • Built-in Parental control
  • Use of eInk technique gives an experience of physical reading.
  • The anti-glare screen of Kindle gives less stress when you read.
  • Specially designed battery goes weeks instead of days once fully charged.
  • Whisper sync facility allows making bookmarks.
  • Your child will enjoy reading without any distraction such as calls, e-mails, messages or reminders.
  • Customization allows resizing or changing the font of an e-book.
  • Option to connect with wifi or reading offline.

Which Amazon Kindle or E-reader is best for kids?

 Kindle for Toddlers

Mom of small kids always looks for colorful images, cartoons, and toys.

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet can help them as its features are attractive for toddlers.

  • Colour display will attract younger ones.
  • Fire HD with 8’ screen gives larger and clearer display.
  • Reading picture books with bright colors will be a breeze.
  • A kid-safe web browser will load sites whitelisted by you or Amazon
  • It offers 16GB or 32GB; you can go for 16 GB.
  • Protective case for an easy grip.
  • Supports contents besides books such as movies or educational apps.
  • Easy settings and parents can separate the content that will be displayed to each kid based on age.
  • Extensive parental controls to restrict access to certain categories, Wi-Fi, browser, and camera. Also can set time limits, and view what your children are watching and reading with the Parent Dashboard.
  • Two Dolby Atmos speakers for clarity of sound.
  • If you iPad user, you can save money here as for the price of one iPad mini you could get 2 Fire HD8
  • Kid-friendly interface with lots of freetime, games, TV shows, and Disney. For the first year content is free but afterward, recharge is needed.

Kindle for Middle Agers

Option-1: Kindle for Kids Bundle

Whether your child is of 8 years old or 11 years, you can check Kindle for Kids Bundle once. Its focus is on novels and text-rich books. Children should be encouraged to read novels to enrich vocabulary as well as to foster creativity.  The Kindle for Kids bundle comes with following features.

  • It is the latest eReader kindle which allows expanding library.
  • The Kindle for Kids Bundle comes in a safe case to protect it from childhood clumsiness.
  • 2 Years warranty also ensures one more layer of protection.
  • If you are looking for an eReader for purely academic purpose and for reading chapter books, it is recommended.
  • It will come in use for many years and Kindle will suit all age’s children of schools.

What people don’t like about it.

  • It is not fit; if you want a colored display kindle to read colorful comics, illustrated novels or picture books.
  • Some users found its navigation difficult in comparison to earlier versions.

Option-2: Fire Tablets

Looking for a multi-purpose but colorful option, the Fire tablets which come in three models Fire 7, Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 will suit your requirements. Parents who are giving android mobile along with Kindle, they will choose Kindle for Kids Bundle but one who wants their kids to use one gadget to use all educational apps may choose Fire 8 tablet.

  • Colour display makes it a great option.
  • Available in 8 and 16 GB of storage
  • Supports common educational apps like Spotify and Netflix
  • But comes with lots of ads and you need to pay extra to remove ads.

Kindle for Teens

Kindle Paperwhite or Voyage

We personally believe that Paperwhite or the Voyage is best for reading books. Kindles are purchased to develop reading habits and it doesn’t make any sense to pay such a higher amount only to have a library in your hand. Either of these devices is outstanding for reading books as they have the following features.

  • High-quality screens to help reading in the dim light or the bright sunlight
  • Long battery life that will last weeks instead of hours.

Share your choice or what would you suggest to keep in best kindle for kids category.