Why To Have CCTV Camera For Home Security?

Having CCTV camera for home security is not any luxury item. It is a necessity of the time. Whether we are at work, party or at a friend home, we can’t leave our small kids, old parents, pets and precious jewelry unattended.  After spending a handsome amount on a smartphone, one must make the best use of it. Yes, you can check the activities of your home right on the screen of your mobile. You can also spy your husband when he is home and you are on the job (Just kidding). Only you need to install a security camera at home. To know more, stay tuned.

You Should Worry If You Don’t Have CCTV Camera for Home Security

home security and cctv

What May Happen In Your Absence?

Working moms leave her kids with maid or old parents with caretakers, you need to keep a closer look at them. Maids can beat your innocent kids or caretaker may leave your parents unattended. In other cases too, a burglar may take benefit of your absence and can fly away with all your valuables. If you would have CCTV at your home, you can ask help from Police.

What do you need to do to ensure Home Security?

Home security camera doesn’t include too many parts or machinery. You need to have one small Wi-Fi security camera and stream it with your mobile. For storage, you may choose either SD Card or cloud option.

Can You Connect CCTV Camera with Your Mobile?

We generally see cameras connected with PC; therefore, a doubt comes in our mind about its connectivity with our hand mobiles. Security cameras can be streamed with tab and mobile too. Mobile is a better option as we carry it all the times with us. We can get an instant notification sent by camera software.


Is having CCTV Camera costly affair?

It’s not a very big investment. One affordable and purpose filling option may come between INR. 4000 to 42000. Cost varies as per brand and various other factors. Reputed and established brands charge higher and they serve you with a quality product. Secondly, if you are going for wireless cameras they are costlier than wired cameras. Like all cameras, the price will increase with higher resolution to get a clear picture. Cameras which are adjustable with the light to take pictures in the night will be costly. Features like instant notification, capturing motions and data storage etc. make difference. You also need to bore installation charges.

What to consider before buying a Security Camera for Home?

Anything which is costlier does not mean they are best, of course they may have few additional features like facial recognition, audio capability and monthly subscription charges for updates in technology etc. But, you need to consider the basic need and that is a clear picture and instant notification. Go for home security camera which includes night vision, cloud storage for recorded footage, and microphones to give out voice commands.

If you own a smart TV or smart speaker and other smart gadgets, the best camera would be that one which would be compatible with all your smart gadgets and tech support such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa (if you have smart home devices).

Go for the home security camera without delay as ‘Precaution is always better than cure’.