Indian Independence day Celebration Ideas-For Home

Hello Moms, if you can arrange Halloween Party for your Kids then why not ‘Independence Day Party’? Yes, you can do it as you want your family members to celebrate all special days. Independence Day celebration should not be forced on our kids in the form of rehearsals and long speeches etc. Rather the day should be made memorable for them. They should wait for the day like all other days. We recommended to all modern Moms to decorate their homes and organize activities on Independence and Republic Day so that our children can connect themselves with the motherland. Read further to get few mind-boggling Indian Independence Day celebration ideas; which your kids will love a lot.

How to Celebrate Independence Day at Home?

The day calendars will hit the page in August, all websites, malls, and restaurants will start offering and displaying tri-colored products. If you are confused and looking for last minute, inexpensive and easy ideas to celebrate Independence Day, you can find the solution here.

Five Indian Independence Day Celebration Ideas:-

Flag Hoisting


  1. Ensure that your Kids attend the Flag hoisting ceremony.

Gone are the days of “Prabhat Feri” and “Laddoo Distribution” in school. Now, most of the schools either don’t call students to celebrate Independence Day or just do it as a formality. They have several reasons for not calling all students to the school on 15 August like they  have very small compound, their management doesn’t allocate fund, parents of small kids are very concerned due to humid and warm weather of August or teachers are worried for in disciplinary activities by 10+2 level students and a lots of blabla …

As a mother, try to ensure that your all family members attend the Flag Hoisting Ceremony. If the school of your kid is open, send them there with full enthusiasm. If not, attend flag hoisting with them in your housing society or apartment. Members of society can make arrangements in advance. Even this could not happen, hoist the Flag on your own terris. But, you should read once  Indian flag hoisting rules and Indian Flag Code to comply with all basics.

 Whatever the way you choose, just make sure that you and your kids should join it without any pressure. We get ready to play with colors in the early morning on the day of Holi. In the same way, a close-knit and properly conveyed programme would motivate family members to join the flag hoisting ceremony.


  1. Tri-Color Outfit:


We Indians love to wear new dresses at festivals. It’s our National Festival, so get ready with Tri-Color theme. It’s not always necessary to spend on expensive dresses. You can arrange for T-shirts, badges, wristbands, hats, bangles, hairbands, nail paints, temporary tattoos – or anything that is in saffron, white or green can be worn in combination. But, don’t keep this color code only for kids, involve everyone starting from eldest member i.e. grandparents to the youngest ones in the family. Dressing up in Tri-Color overwhelms us and infuse patriotic feelings.

At the end, we would love to share Independence Day Images over social media and symmetry of color scheme will increase your likes.

Dressup ideas for tri-color


  1. Make a Menu of Azadi Treat

We can’t think of any festival without Food. Make this day a very special with a Tricolor theme dishes. Motivate a chef within you to decide a menu with Tricolour domination. For example

  • A tricolored cake,
  • Macaroni with red and green bell peppers,
  • Upma decorated with carrot and green coriander,
  • A fruit bowl with fruits of all three colors,
  • Salad decorated in tricolor,
  • Rajma, Rice and a green vegetable. Comment your dish in the comment box.


meal for republic day


But, do something different with the menu, instead of preparing everything yourself, divide dishes among family members as per their age. Tell them that our forefathers stood united in the fight for freedom. We all can win any battle if we work together. This way, you would also feel a bit relaxed as well as intimacy among family members also increases.


menu for Independence day

  1. Throw ‘Independence Day Party’ at home

  • Activities:  You can invite your friends with their kids to spend an evening with a theme of Independence. You can also plan a picnic with all of them. Ask each family to come with one Tricolor dish and to present one drama or dance performance on Independence theme. But keep at least one storytelling activity which is to be followed by quiz as it will engage kids and at the same time they would know something about Indian History. Activities which can be arranged for your family members are arm wrestling, a tug of war, face painting, tree Planting etc.

What events are you planning? Let us know in the comment box given below.

  • Decoration Ideas: You can use balloons, Kites, Dupattas, Umbrellas, Paper Chains, lights and many more to give a tri-color appearance to your house.

decoration ideasimage credit-mystartupkitchen


  • Return Gift– We usually give return gift on birthday parties. Gift patriotic books this time and ask for a promise of reading. Fix 26 January as a deadline to finish the book. These books are not very costly and readers will know a lot about India.

  1. Screen patriotic movies:

At night, you can screen a movie with a surprise of popcorn. Swadesh, Rang De Basanti, Mangal Pandey, Rani Laxmi Bai (coming soon), Border, Shaheed, Border etc. Whichever you choose, tell its background story to your kids to keep them curious throughout the movie.

patriotic movie on 15 august

We hope that this time 15th August will not be only a Holiday and it will be celebrated in a super awesome way in all families. Celebrated it and share pics with all of us. Please comment to enrich this Indian Independence Day Celebration Ideas List.

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