How Keeping Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Can Save Baby’s life?

If you celebrating ‘good news’ and making arrangements to welcome the new member of your family, this article is a must-read piece of writing. Are you planning for keeping umbilical cord blood stem cell for future use; which you certainly don’t want to use? No, I am not trying to confuse you. You would get all your answers.

Have you taken Health Insurance? Do you want a situation when you want to make use of that health insurance? Definitely not, you always wish for the good health of your beloved ones and don’t want to see them hospitalized. Yes, it’s the same in the case of Cord Blood Stem Cells Banking too.

As after taking Health Insurance, we pray to God not to offer any ailment or medical disorder which calls our visit to Hospital. Here too; benefits of preserving umbilical cords will come to our end only when our beloved family member get ill or suffer from a chronic disease. We never wish to have any chronic disease or something like that for our kids; however, we tend to keep ourselves up for such an unforeseen circumstance by banking blood stem cells.  Its always said that taking precaution is always a better idea and all caring fathers go for safety first.

keeping umbilical cord blood stem cells preserved

What is Umbilical Cord Blood Banking?

Umbilical Cord is a connecting string between the baby and the mother while in the womb. Mostly, it is thrown away at birth but several sensible parents go for banking of the blood within it. This is called Cord-blood banking. Stem cells of Cord blood can be used for treating diseases which require stem cell transplants. Diseases like a specific type of leukemia or lymphoma, severe sickle cell disease, aplastic anemia, and severe combined immunodeficiency can be potentially cured with stem cell transplant.

Benefits of Keeping Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells

Rich Cord blood can save the lives of  family members

The disease like leukemia, lymphoma, Inherited immune system disorders, Inherited metabolic disorders, sickle cell anemia and many more are treatable by stem cell transplant. Cord blood is a rich source of healthy stem cells and these cells are very powerful and have the ability to multiply quickly. Though stem cells can be obtained via bone marrow transplant too; stem cells of umbilical cord are ten times more effective.  Doctors prefer cord blood stem cells as it doesn’t require an exact match, so patients may have more treatment options.

Cord Blood Stem Cells Transplant is Effective for nearly 80 Diseases

Researches in the clinical field are full of the successful result of Cord blood cell transplant. These outcomes encourage further research and slowly more diseases are being added up in the list of curable list. It is not only theoretical concepts but in reality, several patients are cured with stem cell transplant therapy.

Umbilical Cord blood holds untapped future possibilities of saving lives

Cord blood stem cells are among those initial cells which developed in the embryo. These cells actually further gave rise to every other cell, tissue, and organ in the fetus. If such strong cells will be used for the treatment of diseases, surely their rejuvenate power can bring miracles. Though several chronic diseases like cancer and blood and immune disorder related diseases can be cured; it’s beginning only. Researches are being done to find a treatment for more health problems. Very soon we would hear successful trial for cerebral palsy and autism etc.

Your Baby would not feel Pain during the process of keeping cord blood stored

As stem cells are taken at the time of birth of a baby, it is a 100% painless procedure. Your newborn baby will not feel anything. Blood collection process is very quick and safe. Umbilical Cord Blood is collected at the time of baby birth and it will not affect the baby and mother in any way. Only 40 milliliters of blood is collected from the cord and then sealed in a bag and sent to the cord blood bank.

Cord Blood Banking System reserves it especially for your family

In the USA, public and private both banking system is available. But, if parents opt for a private bank; the blood is reserved for family only. However, blood kept in the public bank can be donated to anyone who needs compatible cord blood. Keeping cord blood in public bank will not give any guarantee that it will be available to the family of the donor at the time of need.

Limitations of Stem Cell Preservation

Umbilical Cord Blood Banking is an expensive affair

In USA Public and Private bankers are working for a long time and good facilities are available. Cost is also known to everyone. They are aware; though it is expensive but very useful.

But, in India, Cost of cord blood storage is very high and everyone cannot afford it. The fee is taken in two parts. One as an initial enrollment that could be minimum Rs. 5000 and after that monthly expenses approx Rs 1500. Stem Cell Banking Companies offer one-time payment offer with rebate. But, the question comes into my mind that companies which are offering banking facility would exist till date we would need blood stem, secondly, if company survived, will it maintain the required cold chain and storage conditions.

What I feel (my personal opinion only), if a family has any history of the chronic disease should keep umbilical blood for 15 years as beyond that its successful use is doubtful as stated above because no credible scientific research is available. If you find any such report please share in the comment box to update me.

Instead of running after a”hope”, go for breastfeeding. Start it with the birth of your child and later on with the age sincerely inculcate good eating habits in your child. Its responsibility of mother and father both to teach your child to eat healthily.

So, start thinking about storing cord blood cells after analyzing all the pros and cons. Usually, major deciding factor becomes its cost. If you can afford easily; may go for it. Stay tuned with us for more information on the Umbilical Cord Blood Banking. Comment below your views on it.

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