In Budget Unique Birthday Gifts for 1 Year Old Boy

The first birthday of a child is always a special day for parents. Parents plan a lot in the excitement of the day and child neither knows about it nor waits for it. But that doesn’t mean that friends and relatives who are invited to the party must ignore his preferences. Yes, even a one-year-old child may have choices which can be clearly observed when he plays. He chooses and rejects toys and games. So, we should not only look for the unique birthday gifts for 1 year old boy; we should also consider child psychology.

Options in Budget for Unique Birthday Gifts for 1-Year-Old Boy

We can assure you that item category given here are like killing several birds with one stone. For the convenience of our readers, we care to categorize gift ideas as per budget. In this post, we have made a list of unique gifts after analyzing several factors which are

  • Budget
  • Learning Outcome
  • Child Preferences (Observation based)
  • Safety

A gift which cost at Max $10 or Rs 700/=

A pack of colorful balls

Boys can play with balls anytime and a person, who comes to his party with lots of colorful balls, would become his best buddy. In the market, several packs or pool filled with soft and bright color balls in multiple numbers like 24 balls, 36 balls, 48 balls etc are available in affordable price. You can take one as per your budget and win the heart of birthday boy.


These ball sets are a must educational toy because a child can be taught following things very easily.

  • Counting numbers
  • Colour recognition
  • Grouping and Segregation
  • Hitting the target, throwing, kicking, catching, and dribbling balls etc. improves child’s motor skills, timing and above all eye coordination.


Parents need to arrange a big box to store these balls and challenge is that the box should be easy to handle by the child.


Before purchase, check the color as they should be in toxic. Known brands make these balls with harmless colors.

Battery-less Vehicles

It may be not new for you but definitely a unique gift for a one-year-old boy. He would love racing with toy cars, buses, trucks, scooter etc. Toys with wheels like given below also fulfill the same requirement of kids.

  • Funskool Twirlly Whirlly Turtle or
  • Fisher-Price Pull-Along Turtle,
  • Funskool Walk ‘N Drive Truck
  • KOOLSTUFFZ Baby Toys with 4D Light and Sound Toy Train
  • Funskool Digger the Dog
  • Lovely Toys My Friend Ganesha Toy for Kids


Kids can be taught about

  • Direction
  • Speed control
  • Pull Vs Push


Kids need an obstruction free place to play with it. Moreover, toys which come with string may have a smaller one.


Always purchase as per age mentioned on the pack. Ensure that design is safe for kids.

Gifts which may cost around $20 or Rs 1500/=

Swing Cum Booster Seat

If you are gifting it; you are doing a great help to his Mom. A baby who is entering in the second year i.e. age of learning lot of things from walking to talking suddenly becomes super active. A swing would keep him engaged at one place and parents would get time to manage the household task. You may simply choose a swing or may take one booster seat. I had a swing for my son; I hung it in front of my kitchen area from where he was visible to me. My son used to talk a lot in his secret code language along with enjoying his air ride on that swing.


You must have seen that even hyperactive kids can be controlled with swinging movements like spinning around or by swinging backward and forward because everyone loves it.

Secondly, as per studies, regular swing helps children to sleep well (or better anyway) because the spinning motion improves the balancing of neurological activity in the brain.

Further, studies also suggest that swinging helps children who are very sensitive and get irritated with a touch of socks, caps or hot and cold. Vestibular stimulation occurred due to swinging help them to forget such sensory issues.

Moreover, swinging works like meditation or yoga for kids and helps them calm and soothe.


Swing if not hanged carefully or child left unattended may cause injury to the child.


Check safety features, size of hanging string and finishing look before ordering a swing.

Booster Seats: Mostly swings come in the shape of booster seats. If you are hesitant to gift a swing, you can choose a booster seat solely but don’t forget to check design from comfort and safety perspective. Definitely, your booster seat would make his meal time awesome one. If installed around the dining table, little member of the family can take meals with family members.

Block Sets

No need to think anything about it. Just go and take it. My son spent his maximum time with blocks. I had Fisher-Price Mega Bloks and it was safe because of its large size. It enforces creativity in children.

Somewhere around $50 or Rs 3000

Baby Ride

Boys and bikes are inseparable. Few options available on Amazon are

  • Luvlap Sunny Baby Ride (Available on Amazon)
  • Playmates Baby Ride On Italian Scooter (Available on Flipkart)

Toys with multiple functions

A child gets bored very soon. Toys with multiple features will keep him engaged him for the longer duration. Products example given below serve the purpose.

  • Smartcraft Colorful and Attractive Funny Cottage

Learning Walker:

One year walk and Two Year Tall; you know it well. Birthday boy would love a walker with lots of activities. Can check

  • Creative Baby Astro Walker

First Slide

More than $50 or 3000 Rs.

Rocking Horse


It’s not unusual if you can find the same gift idea in the cheaper price range as several factors like online sale and brand etc may affect the price of product.

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